Art and Science

Through a unique gathering of talents and timing between Claudia Volders (professional visual artist + artproject leader) and Michel Thewessen (project manager + change-expert + audio/visual artist), ideas emerged to visualize an interesting combination between art and science has become touchable, perceptible, audible and visible. In other words, how can we use our senses in such a way as to make "difficult science" accesible.

Storytelling: the idea emerged as an effect of the circumstances in which Claudia Volders grew up. The family basically exists of 2 types of people. Scientists and artists, and this has been the case for several generations. The "youngest" generation exists among others of a brother and a sister, of which the sister (Claudia) practices the profession of visual artist with a great passion; and the brother is a well-known cardiologist. One of them is working on progression in the field of cardiology on the level of cells while the other is trying to stimulate the senses , and making people aware of what is happening in the world through the accessible medium of art. From the many conversations between brother and sister, it has dawned on Claudia Volders how close the scientist to the artist and the other way around. Where the scientist purely uses a scientific approach and has to leave behind all intuitive suggestions, his successes are enlarged when there is a personal passion in presentations. See how art can attribute to the passion of science.

Through the centuries, it has always been clear that art and science have a lot in common. Even so that many people can be named. There people are also referred to as Homo Universalis. Think about: Leonardo da Vinci, Tomaso Albinoni, Robert Dijkgraaf.. But not everyone possesses this combination of art and science. This is why meetings between the artist and the scientist are taking place in cafes and studios. During long evenings and nights, discussions are taking place, people inform one another about the latest work, there are talks about passion and people inspire each other. After one of these evenings/nights, he scientist and the artist both go back to their workplace and continue individually.

This is what gave Claudia Volders her idea. In a time where the artist is (luckily again) forced to be innovative in his/her profession, Claudia Volders wants to proceed with these inspiring meetings between the artist and the scientist. (In the courses of expertise where the economical crisis has not yet appeared, art is ahead of this crisis). A continuation with the idea that it would be such a shame, if these inspiring meetings would not be continued.

It leads to a new project, derived from her personal interest in art and science, her experience as an artist, her experience in art-guidance and her experience from the examples of the giving of company workshops. A product that leads to the assembly of art and science with a clear benefit of synergy. A product called ZenderDNA, the bridge between science and Dynamic Next Art, the new step in art (see ‘What is ZenderDNA’).

The idea is clear now, filled with passion and faith. Now is the time to start it. ZenderDNA will be realised.

Thinking and executing are different worlds, though. Claudia lacks experience in commercial project management and social media/IT. From the very first meeting with Michel Thewessen, these voids are filled. His enthusiasm, commitment, faith in ZenderDNA and expertise turn Claudia Volders' idea into a realistic project. He works on a goal-oriented plan, contacts people from the music industry, the financial world and the IT-world (as natural habitat). He ensures that Claudia gets good literature. He creates deadlines. He writes and rewrites, both texts and music. He is the controlling force during the build-up of the website. His inexhaustible knowledge, with a scientific base is mixed with the artistic expression and passion of Claudia. This way, a team of cooperation is formed, based around the new form of art about to placed into the (international) science and society.