Ronald Westra
University teacher, online head of the the BMI research group



Robbert Dijkgraaf
Professor mathematical physics at the University of Amsterdam
Professor mathematical physics at the University of Amsterdam
"Where can the raw emotion of scientific discovery be experienced directly? This is where I think a unique possibility for a unison of art and science lies: like the scientist, prescription the artist tries to reflect the personal impression of reality as pure as possible. I want to propose this challenge: in modern art, is it possible to visualize the world of ideas contemporary science has opened up? Is it possible to shape this wonder and share it with others? Can I feel the immeasurability of the universe or the unbelievable quantity of information stored in the human brain within a work of art? Is it possible to use the newest insights surrounding space and time, or the strange laws that regulate the world of fundamental parts as a source of inspiration? This is the challenge I want to give to the students of the Sandberg Institute."



Ludo Hellemans


Hein Wellens
Professor cardiology


Herman Offermans
Head optical Nano technology


Paul Volders


Maria van der Hoeven
Director European Energy Association


Rachel ter Bekke