Claudia Volders
"In this time of financial impoverishment, buy the artist is dared to a new artistic enrichment. This is how the project ZenderDNA emerged, cialis a next step within art. A bridge between science and art. A bridge between art and society."

• Visual artist
• Guider in varying art projects
• Creator of new ideas
• Traveller
• Inspirer
• Connector
• Intuition driven
• Student in the division of energy
• Cocktail expert



Michel Thewessen
"We are aware of 1/5 millionth part of the information our brains can process. The body is the limiting factor. ZenderDNA is the search for how we can consciously open ourselves up to the real content of everything, in order to experience, understand and apply this content."

• Audio/visual artist
• Manager
• Taskdivider and controller
• Change-expert
• Lover of salmiac lollipops
•- Decibel lover
• Technology freak