What is ZenderDNA?

ZenderDNA is a project based around the innovative philosophy of artcoaching. ZenderDNA aims to makes connections through the creative contribution of people with varying opinions, artists and scientists. The word "zender" symbolizes the search for these connections between seemingly separate area's of operation: the assmebly of art and science, of art and society. DNA symbolizes the way in which this search will be done. DNA stands for Dynamic Next Art (DNA), a new next step in art, an artform with a renewing effect on the developmental process of scientists and offers inspiration for the innovation with the world of art. DNA is based around a work of art in order to start the dialogue.

Dynamic Next Art & Artcoaching:

  • Realise an assembly between art and science creating synergy (1+1=3)
  • Put scientists on a new track, thinking out of the box, so new points of view will emerge.
  • Let a scientist look at a scientific process in a new way, and placing the scientist in another way of vision very consciously.
  • Search for a new way to make the passion of the scientist clear in a visual way together with the scientist in question.
  • Work with a method with which visual elements of a painting (a work of art) are combined with elements from scientific area's, to get to deeper perceptions.